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I make Jamaican style chicken seasoning called Bosssauce and I use it for making jerk chicken. The secret ingredient is the Chiappetti Seasoning and everyone loves it!

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Rohan McPherson

Chiappetti Seasoning is one of my little secret ingredient I use in my recipes

Chef Beau
Klean Kitchen

This seasoning is a hole in one at the country club!

Chef Jimmy
Crystal Tree Country Club

Delicious on steak, trying it on salmon now!

Tavern in the Glen

About Us

Dennis Chiappetti

Seasoning Enthusiast

Shortly after the Historic Chicago Stockyards closed, the owner of Chiappetti Packing Company, Michael Chiappetti Sr., began looking for a farm where he could feed his lambs and cattle. 

He purchased a farm an hour South of Chicago in Odell IL. It was Michael’s father who started the family in the farming business around the time of The Great Depression. 

The bank gave Fiori Chiappetti a deed to a farm in Orland Park, IL in exchange of his life savings. This would become the beginning of the Chiappetti family’s journey working in the meat and agriculture industry. 

Today we are four generations strong bringing to market the very best and delicious products made!

Our Original Chiappetti Seasoning has garnered raving reviews from all who have tasted it! People from all over have sent messages through social media on their creative ways of using this versatile seasoning. 

Fish, Pasta, Veggies, Meat, Popcorn; you name it, we've made it!

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